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Caring for Your Gemstones and Crystals

It is best to store your stones separately. Soft stones can be scratched by harder stones.

Sometimes, we may want to cleanse our stones. Here are few ways to do that.

Running Water and Sunlight

Hold your stone under running water and visualize imbalances flowing away. Place in the Sunlight to dry. (Not suitable for water soluble crystals like Selenite or crystals that will fade in sunlight like Flourite.)

Sound water-soluble

Strike or ring a singing bowl, bell, cymbal, or tuning fork near the crystal for efficient energetic cleansing.


Incense has long been used to cleanse and consecrate. Burn some incense and pass the stone through the smoke several times.


Place the crystal in a bowl and cover with dry sea salt. Leave stand overnight. Avoid placing crystals in saltwater since it can corrode the surface.

Full Moon Cleansing

Place the crystal out under the moon the full moon. Bring it inside in the morning, cover it with a cloth and repeat for 4 nights. This is especially helpful for stones that absorb negativity like black Kyanite.


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